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Joined Sep 01, 2009
Favourite contestants cycle 1
ebony hait
elyse sewel
adrianne curry
cycle 2
yoanna house
shandy sullivan
camille mcdonald
cycle 3
eva pigford
toccara jones
yaya dacosta
cycle 4
naima mora
kahlen rondot
tiffany richardson
rebecca epley
cycle 5
nicole linkletter
nik pace
lisa damato
cycle 6
danielle evans
joannie dods
cycle 7
caridee english
melrosse bickerstaffe
anchal joseph
brooke miller
jaeda young
a,j stewart
cycle 8
natasha galkina
jaslene gonzales
brittany hatch
whitney cunnighan
cycle 9
saleisha stowers
chantal jones
bianca golden
heather kuzmich
cycle 10
whitney thompson
anya kop
stacy ann
cycle 11
elina ivanova
mckey sullivan
sheena sakai
marjorie conrad
analeigh tipton
samantha potter
cycle 12
allison harvard
celia ammerman
london levy
teyona anderson
aminat ayinde
cycle 13
nicole fox
laura kirckpatrick
sundai love
erin wagner
jennipher ann
rae weisz
cycle 14
raina hein
tattiana kern
brenda arens
angelea preston
krista white
jessica serfaty
cycle 15
ann ward
kayla ferrel
liz williams
kacey legget
lexie tomchek
esther petrack
Cycle 16
Brittani kline
Hannah p.
Alexandria everette
Kasia pilewise
Jaclyn poole
(my favorites from past cycles that came back <3)
camille mcdonal and her signature walk
allison harvard and her big eyes
laura kirckpatrick and her SHORT FASHION
lisa damato the WILD AND CRAZY BUBLES
sheena sakai the yellow one :3
kayla ferrel my proud lesbian
bianca golden and her RUDE MOUTH
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