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Favourite contestants Cycle 1: Elyse, Adrianne, Giselle
Cycle 2: Yohanna, Camille, Sara
Cycle 3: Yaya, Amanda, Ann
Cycle 4: Rebecca, Naima, Brittany
Cycle 5: Cassandra, Nicole, Nik
Cycle 6: Furonda, Joanie, Leslie
Cycle 7: Anchal, Melrose, A.J.
Cycle 8: Natasha, Brittany, Jaslene
Cycle 9: Heather, Jenah, Ebony
Cycle 10: Katarzyna, Anya, Aimee
Cycle 11: Sheena, Elina, McKey
Cycle 12: Celia, Aminat, Natalie
Cycle 13: Jennifer, Nicole, Erin
Cycle 14: Angelea, Raina, Naduah
Cycle 15: Lexie, Kacey
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10/16/10 at 10:57LOL xD Best comment cocaine. I have a problem with Liz. She's just to masculine and somehow they seem to like to accentuate that and it's not a good thing to me. Kendal is giving us a very weak performance. Before the show I though she was going to crush her competition but she should have gone to the chopping block already!