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Favourite contestants How I would have done Each Cycle:

Cycle 1:
The original...this cycle I felt did have a great winner, and it would have been even better if it had the high fashion Elyse battle it with Adrianne in the final two.

1. Adrianne
2. Elyse
3. Shannon
4. Kesse
5. Giselle
6. Ebony
7. Robin
8. Nicole
9. Katie
10. Tessa

Cycle 2:
Another cycle that I agree with! Yoanna I felt embodied a commercial and editorial look that is timeless. On the other hand, Shandi was the blonde high fashion girl with looks to die for. Rounding out the top three is Sara, who I felt was cut too soon.

1. Yoanna
2. Shandi
3. Sara
4. April
5. Mercedes
6. Camille
7. Catie
8. Xiomara
9. Jenascia
10. Heather
11. Bethany
12. Anna

Cycle 3:
Once again, the actual winner wins this cycle. Eva embodies sass, spunk, and attitude, but her gorgeous looks speak for themself. In second, Nicole the ravishing redhead who I feel they cut too soon. YaYa is the second runner-up in my version because of her haughty demenoir.

1. Eva
2. Nicole
3. YaYa
4. Amanda
5. Norelle
6. Toccara
7. Ann
8. Cassie
9. Leah
10. Kristi
11. Julie
12. Jennipher
13. Kelle
14. Magdelena

Cycle 4:
This is my least favorite cycle! Brittany was the spitfire of this season, but she still could be commercial and edgy. Kahlen had beautiful photographs, but she hasn't done much modelling since the show. In third, Naima, who could be commercial, but I don't like her aloof personality and some of her photographs.

1. Brittany
2. Kahlen
3. Naima
4. Christina
5. Tatiana
6. Michelle
7. Kennyah
8. Rebecca
9. Tiffany
10. Lluvy
11. Sara
12. Brandy
13. Brita
14. Noelle

Cycle 5:
I feel that Nik had better photographs than Nicole, but looking back, I've noticed that Nicole has gone lightyears ahead of her former portfolio, thus resulting in her win. Nicole was commercial and edgy, but I hated her whiney personality. Bre was the sassy girl that had great photos in the end, but they weren't enough to save her.

1. Nicole
2. Nik
3. Bre
4. Kim
5. Lisa
6. Kyle
7. Jayla
8. Diane
9. Coryn
10. Ashley
11. Cassandra
12. Sarah
13. Ebony

Cycle 6:
Here's my favorite cycle! Dani embodies a true commercial and editorial model, and I think that she deserved to win. In a close second, Joanie, who I feel was one of the best models the show shines in photos and on the runway. In third, Leslie who I feel was cut too soon. I loved her photos, but her runway walk couldn't save her.

1. Danielle
2. Joanie
3. Leslie
4. Furonda
5. Jade
6. Mollie-Sue
7. Nnenna
8. Sara
9. Brooke
10. Kari
11. Kathy
12. Gina
13. Wendy

Cycle 7:
I like this top three better because all three of these models could be high fashion and commercial. CariDee was a good winner at the time, providing a balanced place in the competition who didn't really fall. Melrose had great photos, but her personality was annoying. In third, one of the twins, Michelle. I think that she could have been even better if she wanted it more.

1. CariDee
2. Melrose
3. Michelle
4. Anchal
5. AJ
6. Amanda
7. Eugena
8. Megg
9. Brooke
10. Monique
11. Christian
12. Megan
13. Jaeda

Cycle 8:
This cycle produced a high fashion winner, who I feel wasn't as commercial as the others, but made up for it with her firey personality. I think this competition is about a journey from an average girl to a sophisticated model, so I chose Dionne to be in second. Her photos may have not been as good as some of the other models, but I loved her spirit and determination to win the contest for her and her daughter - and she was hilarious! In third, Brittany, who had wonderful photos, but had a whiney personality and an awful walk.

1. Jaslene
2. Dionne
3. Brittany
4. Renee
5. Samantha
6. Felicia
7. Natasha
8. Jael
9. Sarah
10. Diana
11. Cassandra
12. Whitney
13. Kathleen

Cycle 9:
I feel that I improved this cycle by making Lisa win. Lisa is beautiful and had great photos without modelling experience. In second, Jenah who may have had exquisite photos, but wasn't able to embody a Covergirl in her commercial. Third place goes to Chantal, who is very commercial, but can also be high fashion. She just doesn't shine as much as Jenah and Lisa do.

1. Lisa
2. Jenah
3. Chantal
4. Heather
5. Saleisha
6. Sarah
7. Bianca
8. Victoria
9. Ebony
10. Ambreal
11. Janet
12. Mila
13. Kimberly

Cycle 10:
This was my original prediction for cycle 10. Anya I feel has exquisite photographs, a great runway walk, and can relate to young girls everywhere. In second, Katarzyna, who also had good photos and an excellent runway walk. Third place goes to Fatima, who is very beautiful but wasn't as good as the other two girls.

1. Anya
2. Katarzyna
3. Fatima
4. Aimee
5. Lauren
6. Stacy-Ann
7. Claire
8. Dominique
9. Marvita
10. Whitney
11. Atalya
12. Allison
13. Amis
14. Kimberly

Cycle 11:

Cycle 11 had a good winner who is reminicent of Yoanna. McKey is a versatile model in her photos but it seems that she needs to work on her walk. In second is Marjorie who was very editorial, but she couldn't be as commercial as her competition. Elina receives third due to her consistant portfolio.

1. McKey
2. Marjorie
3. Elina
4. Lauren Brie
5. Analeigh
6. Sheena
7. Samantha
8. Joslyn
9. Brittany
10. Clark
11. Isis
12. Hannah
13. Nikeysha
14. ShaRaun

Cycle 12:

This cycle has a great top two that is reminiscent of Danielle and Joanie. I was torn between both girls, but they have proven that their respective places in the competition are not going to hold them back. Celia would round out the top three but she would have to be cut due to her age.

1. Allison
2. Teyona
3. Celia
4. Natalie
5. Aminat
6. Nijah
7. Fo
8. Sandra
9. London
10. Jessica
11. Kortnie
12. Isabella
13. Tahlia

Cycle 13:

The latest cycle's top two were my favorites, making it a hard decision as to who should win. Nicole deserves the top spot due to her fantastic photos throughout the competition. Laura is guarenteed to be in the top two to be eventually edged out by Nicole for consistancy. Rounding out the top three is Jennifer, who I think is somewhat underrated and needs some recognition.

1. Nicole
2. Laura
3. Jennifer
4. Erin
5. Brittany
6. Rae
7. Lulu
8. Rachel
9. Ashley
10. Kara
11. Courtney
12. Sundai
13. Bianca
14. Lisa

Favorite Models:

Adrianne, Elyse, Shannon, Kesse

Yoanna, Shandi, April, Sara

Eva, Nicole, YaYa, Amanda, Norelle

Brittany, Kahlen, Christina, Tatiana

Nik, Nicole, Kim, Jayla, Bre

Joanie, Dani, Furonda, Leslie, Jade

CariDee, Melrose, AJ, Anchal

Dionne, Jaslene, Renee, Brittany, Felicia

Sarah, Lisa, Heather, Jenah, Chantal, Victoria

Lauren, Anya, Katarzyna, Aimee, Fatima, Stacy Ann.

McKey, Sheena, Marjorie, Elina, Brittany, Analeigh.

Allison, Celia, Teyona

Laura, Nicole, Jennifer, Brittany

My Favorite Winners:
1. Dani
2. Adrianne
3. Teyona
4. Yoanna
5. Nicole
6. Jaslene
7. McKey
8. CariDee
9. Eva
10. Saleisha
11. Whitney
12. Naima
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