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Sara Blackamore

Photo: Keith Major

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Mechum22   [Sep 25, 2010 at 03:37 AM]
^ "A radioactive Tahlia". That's got to be a first, LOL. ^ ^ The "Mona Lisa's not a model" comment made me chuckle, too. Yeah, I'm in the camp that says Sara's makeover kinda jacked her up. Despite looking slightly commercial as a blonde, I found that look more appealing. I don't dislike Sara, but this photo is pure dreck. Sad
  [Sep 25, 2010 at 09:36 AM]
Hate the eyebrows. I just looked at a pic of Lara Stone and to those who said only Lara could pull off this look were certainly right.
boonyakornohm   [Sep 25, 2010 at 10:37 AM]
a bit like Maud Adams
  [Sep 25, 2010 at 02:33 PM]
This makeover doesn't suit her. She ain't a fashion girl IMO
sparkle   [Sep 25, 2010 at 08:15 PM]
Is this chick high?!? Who poses like that? Surprised
Sasha   [Sep 25, 2010 at 09:43 PM]
eewww no
  [Sep 26, 2010 at 04:43 AM]
I agree about the Mona Lisa thing. I don't like the makeover here, but it may have looked better in person.

I think she has potential still.
ryan-17   [Sep 26, 2010 at 10:05 AM]
love the hair not the brows, poor thing
kking   [Sep 27, 2010 at 05:09 PM]
yall are trippin she remindz me of thee models in victorias secrit i mean when she waz a blond and are u guyz blind do u not see this gurls cheekbonez!they are to die 4 plus she got a black baby daddy browny pointz 4 me go head gurl!
rubenjsg_55   [Sep 28, 2010 at 09:29 AM]
maybe because Brittany from cycle 13 did it and worked for her Tyra thought it would work for Sara, MISTAKE xD
TyraFierce   [Sep 30, 2010 at 09:45 AM]
I honestly think the bleached eyebrows and brown hair look really good on her! She looks more high fashion with this makeover. Tyra knows what she's doing people!
SuperChocoBrownBear   [Sep 30, 2010 at 07:30 PM]
fiercelion   [Oct 03, 2010 at 10:29 PM]
she should sue tyra
Bellhop36   [Oct 04, 2010 at 05:30 AM]
I love Sara. I think Lexie should have gone.
topmodelfan101   [Nov 13, 2010 at 02:00 AM]
I think she should've stayed blonde. Her face on the runway was so stunning!
  [Nov 15, 2010 at 03:48 PM]
Probably her best. She actually looks like a model here
Majestic   [Sep 28, 2011 at 02:50 PM]
She looks like an ugly version of Rae from C13.
atothet   [Dec 01, 2011 at 05:03 PM]
I think this look works for a very specific, stylized, high fashion shoot, but I was surprised that Tyra made this her permanent makeover. I don't think she looks as bad as everyone says, but it's really not versatile at all...
antmgenuine   [Apr 12, 2012 at 08:15 PM]
OMG she can hardly take a good photo... And she's forgettable IMO
Canadagirl1234   [Dec 26, 2013 at 11:53 PM]
They really experimented with this girl... lol Laughing I mean, It's not like we haven't seen this before where they do something they THINK will look good but ends up looking freaky (Marvita, Molly and Celia) but I think this takes the cake Laughing

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