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Elina Ivanova

Photo: Tyra Banks

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dude02   [Nov 06, 2008 at 03:37 PM]
BORING! same face week after week, it was her time to go.
Robinson   [Nov 06, 2008 at 03:40 PM]
Yaya4Mora   [Nov 06, 2008 at 03:54 PM]
Anyone else notice Tyra used the wrong film in this shot? It's way too dark for the film she chose... click on the pic to enlarge it and you'll see how grainy it is.
JQ   [Nov 06, 2008 at 04:04 PM]
she probably wanted that texture for it. i dont think she'd make that big of a mistake with the film XD
Starfish   [Nov 06, 2008 at 04:22 PM]
The face is gorgeous as always but there's not enough passion in it. The pose is good but not fierce and strong like it was supposed to be. I loved Elina but she just wasn't pushing herself enough. She gives the same face every week. Her poses were stiff. But I think she will be a great model. I love you Elina!!!
Shelly   [Nov 06, 2008 at 05:00 PM]
This is great. Tyra is on something Rolling Eyes b/c when your modeling the shots have to be usable. Not crazy.
theo_rodriguez   [Nov 06, 2008 at 05:12 PM]
Finally gone... I don't think Elina is too controlled, it's her natural nature that can't be changed. Beside, I think Elina has a great future ahead of her as a model, it's just that she has a more specific area for modelling unlike wherein ANTM requires virtually all types.
Sophie   [Nov 06, 2008 at 05:30 PM]
She desreved to be let go. It's a good shot, but it reminds me so mcuh of her balloon shot, it just isn't as good the 2nd time around.
Piacere   [Nov 06, 2008 at 05:40 PM]
Her face is very "deer in the headlights" -esque
Katarzyna-Jenah   [Nov 06, 2008 at 06:14 PM]
Elina is very tough to judge here. Its a fabulous photo but she's used that face at least 2 times already not counting this. I don't know why everyone dislikes this. I must need Elina glasses. Rolling Eyes
Jhg812   [Nov 06, 2008 at 07:01 PM]
Same face as usual. The pose is good, but it's not BAM.
michie1   [Nov 06, 2008 at 07:36 PM]
still too pose!
longtimefan   [Nov 06, 2008 at 10:37 PM]
I love Elina but it was definately time to go. She really hadn't shown any improvement throughout the competition.
zib   [Nov 06, 2008 at 11:51 PM]
Sherry looks fierce. Elina does too, although it's nothing new.
Asquared   [Nov 07, 2008 at 02:17 AM]
elina has about two pictures that doesn't resemble this face. the first voting shot and the beauty swimwear shot. all of her pictures pretty much have the same face where the eye is up and her lips are pout and her bone stuctures are symmetrical. and did i mention lack of neck in most of her shots? loved her, just her control ruins her. she doesn't let go and ends up POSING. and this is the only time i agree with the judges. she is a CONTROL FREAK, and way too put together. elequent, but it gets boring
dude02   [Nov 07, 2008 at 07:56 AM]
lmao zib^ is Sherry her "cat'?
markisos   [Nov 07, 2008 at 08:52 AM]
The most unfair decition of Tyra in antm history.Tyra proves that she is so silly annoyed fool and stupid.This girl is the real america;s next top model.It;s so unfair to don;t make it in top 3 at least.The photo seems super duper amazing and the other too.This the definition of ungry and dramatic model.I don;t believe that stupid samatha stay more than this goddes Elina and take the first call out.This is dramatic.Elina i love you................... Mad
topmodel6   [Nov 07, 2008 at 09:16 AM]
not feeling the leg
Michelle&AmandaBabin   [Nov 07, 2008 at 11:26 AM]
I love this picture, but as much as I love Elina, she had it coming. However, IMO Marjorie could've gone in her place so they could finally break the 3x bottom two elimination tradition, and Marjorie is just really really really nervous.
RunFiercely   [Nov 07, 2008 at 12:59 PM]
Delicious. Elina epitomized a fashion model. I cannot believe that they eliminated her over boring, tongue-tied Marjorie.

Comment 11 to 30 of 110
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