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McKey Sullivan

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Robinson   [Nov 14, 2008 at 04:18 PM]
Tyra wants McKey to win, it is so obvious. i'd be shocked if she didn't. does she deserve it...? no more or less than Analeigh.
loisen   [Nov 14, 2008 at 04:29 PM]
Tyra decides which picture they'll take. Out of the bunch she liked this picture more than the rest of McKey's but that doesn't mean that Mckey has always the same expression. Mr. Jay said that the picture with the windmill was amazing but Tyra didn't choose it.
Don't forget the bikini shot where McKey's mouth is deifinitely closed. And then if Tyra really wants her to win why did she choose Analeigh's as the best one?
topmodel6   [Nov 14, 2008 at 05:04 PM]
if this was mckeys best....i want to see the rest of her film
Shelly   [Nov 14, 2008 at 05:04 PM]
To make it less obvious thats why shes never in the bottom two.
Dharren   [Nov 14, 2008 at 05:06 PM]
I think the eye make up was a bit overboard and it kinda did the work FOR her. But overall, I find this shot lack luster. Kinda reminds me of her first shot of the cycle (environmental).

And who cares who has their mouth open more... THIS AIN'T WHITNEY! Whitney's mouth is horrid. Analeigh/Mckey -> good.
Starfish   [Nov 14, 2008 at 05:14 PM]
Oh my god, Dharren it does emind me of her first shot!!! I do not like this picture at all. The face is not great, the body is not great. McKey is overrated by the judges. My call-out for this week: Marjorie, Analeigh, McKey. Samantha had a better picture than McKey, but she still deserved to go though. I am now rooting for Analeigh to win. If McKey wins, I'll be happy too, but not as happy if Analeigh wins. Analeigh is more complete than McKey and Samantha. She can walk, she takes great pictures, she can be commercial, and she has an endearing personality. Analeigh has improved way more than anybody I have seen on ANTM. She deserves to win. McKey should come in second place. Samantha can come in third place. But I feel like Tyra is going to make McKey win. I can just feel it.
david18   [Nov 14, 2008 at 05:17 PM]
mckey does the exact same range of poses every week. watch the shoots! she always does the bend back thing. she did it this week, last week, the week before that, etc. she's stacy ann 2.0. but she'll probably win cause she's the worst girl left.
david18   [Nov 14, 2008 at 05:50 PM]
Yog (love the name by the way) i'm not losing any sleep. Very Happy
themilkshakeman   [Nov 14, 2008 at 06:08 PM]
i love mckey, but i agree with david that it probably is the worst of the week and definitely her worst shot, but i pretty much guarantee that post show mckey will be amazing regardless of winning cause we all know she has amazing shots but tyra never picks them. i pretty much want either ana or mckey, but preferably analeigh because mckey is too editorial for the prizes. Just wondering when people claim Mckey has a dead face, what about Lauren bries Hot air Balloon or Marjories Fiercess awards to name a few??????????
Ben   [Nov 14, 2008 at 06:23 PM]
david, since that is her "signature pose" she should include that in her variety of poses for a COUPLE of shots..
david18   [Nov 14, 2008 at 06:34 PM]
who cares about the pose?! pose is nothing if the face is DEAD!
Ben   [Nov 14, 2008 at 06:36 PM]
you were just criticizing her poses..
Katarzyna-Jenah   [Nov 14, 2008 at 06:43 PM]
this face isn't DEAD. omg!!! Its like Melrose's matador just with different makeup and that's not dead!!!!
yenegonrocks   [Nov 14, 2008 at 06:56 PM]
^David, your hate for McKey is scary. Shocked
david18   [Nov 14, 2008 at 07:08 PM]
you call it scary. i call it passionate. and believe me, this isn't the first time. i hated caridee when everyone loved her. i loved jaslene when everyone hated her and wanted natasha. i hated whitney when everyone loved her. everyone already hated saleisha. the mckey hate is very light right now, but it'll come. just wait. and if you think i'm bad now, imagine how her pictures will be if she wins.
yenegonrocks   [Nov 14, 2008 at 07:14 PM]
I agree with you on Scarydee, Sh*tney, and Suckleisha. Very Happy
Katarzyna-Jenah   [Nov 14, 2008 at 07:37 PM]
^^but Cari, Saleisha, Whitney are understandable cause well yea but McKey doesn't decide the call out order, her backgrounds, her photo selections, and everything else. Miss Tyra picks the shots and influences the call out order and such. Tyra might like McKey's photos with a certain expression (she admitted it this episode. When she talked about McKey's signature) but I mean its a bit much. I HATE Sam but I don't let it get in the way. Just like I hated Elina and Renee and Sara C6.
david18   [Nov 14, 2008 at 07:41 PM]
BELIEVE ME, kat-jen, i was not liked when i called cari crazy, whitney fake, and jaslene deserving. after the finale, there will be a bit more understanding. just wait.
yenegonrocks   [Nov 14, 2008 at 08:02 PM]
Did you notice that Jaslene gets the most backlash for talking about Natasha, even though Renee started it, and Dionne joined too.
Sophie   [Nov 14, 2008 at 08:05 PM]
Bryan, just because McKey's lips are parted, doesn't mena her mouth is gaping like Ana's. You're too pretty to be stupid Bryan!

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